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A Moment of Reawakening

This whole thing began in 2008, not long after I became a mom for the first time. I have never felt so tired, so overwhelmed, so completely incompetent as I did in those first few weeks and months. I had put all my consulting clients on hold, so I didn't even have the comfort of work projects to be the hand that steadied my flagging self-confidence.  Writing. I knew how to do that.  Tea. I would like to learn more about that. Travel Diaries. I enjoyed re-reading those parts of my life where tea and writing seemed to often collide, documenting times that seemed less consequential, more adventurous.  And that's when An International Tea Moment was born. It was honestly a way to remind myself that I did know how to do SOMETHING!  As my baby girl grew, my confidence as a mom grew, too, and the interest in my "Tea Moments" grew, too! I was approached to review amazing teas and tea accessories and tea venues and tea books; I spoke on panels about tea; I was hired to be a gh

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