Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Moment of Wishes

It rained all of last night - a Christmas wish coming true for much of Southern California. As I stole a couple of quiet minutes on the front patio soaking in the foreign sight and sound and smell of rain, I began thinking of how the holiday season is a rather magical time when wishes large and small can indeed come true.

It's three days until Christmas, and not all the Christmas cards have been sent. It's a piecemeal Christmas season with the traditional CookieFest being spread out over 3 evenings rather than 1 full day. Get-togethers have been a hodge-podge of last minute and last second "Hey, if I bring a bottle of wine over, can the kids play for awhile?" to attending Disney's Frozen On Ice - which has been on the calendar since August, to the annual tamale-making with my friend's family, and anything and everything in-between.

And you know something? It's been really nice. Whether a quick afternoon tea at home with a friend or a large gathering of families, for whatever reason, the chaos and community of it all has been refreshing. It's all a bit of a blur, but a warm, fuzzy, wonderful blur.

There's a lot that needs to get done between now and Friday. And the reality is that it may or may not get done. But I'm rolling with that, this year. I think my friend, Lisa, of Chambre de Sucre got it right. She sent out several parcels to her friends that was filled with sweetness and the hope of wishes coming true. A set of pink mini heart-shaped sugars to make any day a little sweeter, and a tiny glass jar of wishes, ready to be set free whenever we need that extra push of hope or whimsy. That is exactly what this season is all about. Making each other's days a little sweeter, and remaining full of hope - and maybe creating hope for others as well.

If I don't write again before the end of the year, I wish you all peace, joy, and hope. Take care of the people around you, and enjoy the moments (rather than the things) that fill this Christmas season.