Thursday, June 30, 2016

The 2016 Tea Blogger Directory Moment

The 2016 Tea Blogger Directory, which was released at the World Tea Expo is now available to all!

In this updated directory, discover more than 60 tea-focused bloggers from around the world who have as unique backgrounds and stories as you do. Each blogger has an extensive and focused reach to help grow your potential audience. With bloggers being in the Top 3 Influencers for online shoppers, this is a resource retailers can’t afford to ignore.

Learn the best practices for collaborating with a tea blogger, how many samples might be "too many," the do's and don't's of asking for a review, the importance of packaging, and how to help a tea blogger showcase your tea or tea-related product in the best possible light. All this for $5 through the 4th of July. After that, the price goes up to $10 per download. $1 from each download will go to support The Tea Bloggers Roundtable, who provides support, education and consulting to tea retailers and regional tea festivals.  Download your copy HERE.

Thank you to all the Tea Bloggers who participated in this year's directory! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Summer Reading Moment

There are few things better than tea and a good book. Whether it's in the cold winter months, curled up on the couch with a contemplative cup of oolong and a character-rich novel or lounging poolside with a tall, cold apricot-infused iced tea and a light-hearted whodunnit. Whatever the occasion, tea and reading are like peas and carrots.

That's why I am so in love with The Arbor Teas Summer Reading Series!  With a nod to the popular serial novels in decades past, Arbor Teas has enlisted author Lauren Doyle Owens to write an original novel, The Wintree Waltz, that is being released one chapter at a time, week after week over the course of the summer.  It began June 2nd and will continue through August 4th. (Chapter 2 is released tomorrow!!!) Subscribers can receive notification of the release of each chapter.

Over the summer, we'll be getting to know the Wintree family just two months before Jean Wintree is to be married to John Birnbauer. When her younger sister Erin, John’s mother Nancy, and a surprising interloper start to meddle in the couple’s plans, a happy ending is far from certain.

As a voracious reader, I'm on the edge of my seat to see what Jean, and for that matter, Erin, is going to do next! I love that the story is set in Ann Arbor (home of Arbor Teas!), and that while the story line itself is not about tea, the tradition and comfort of teas is seamlessly interwoven into the Wintree family's daily lives. 

Join me as I get to know the Wintrees and Arbor Teas. The first taste definitely leaves me wanting another.