Friday, July 31, 2015

A Tea Moment on The Lawn

It's the last day in July and this is the first blog post I've written here all month! How can that be?

But, I guess if you consider that since January 1st,  I or the Man o' the House or both have been on the road every week until last week... well, it begins to make sense.

Boise, Napa, Las Vegas, Boise, Richmond, Long Beach, Seattle, Houston, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Boise, Las Vegas, Seattle. And that's just my stuff.

What I've realized in the last several months is that as much as I love to travel, I'm weary of it. To always have a suitcase half-packed  - which used to be a point of pride for me - is now an eyesore and a constant reminder to not get too comfortable.

The blender called, "Life" has been set to "Pulse." And the seconds of peace between those flurries of chaos have become more and more precious. Those are the seconds when I reach for the familiar, the routine, the comfortable. Even on the road, I take the familiar with me. Over the past couple of months, that familiar thing has been tea. Tea from The Lawn, in general. English Breakfast, in particular. And while some hotel rooms require that you get a little inventive to have a civilized cup...

The Lawn - English Breakfast in Las Vegas
this tea blender does a wonderful job in making those precious seconds as full of beauty and enjoyment as possible.

This afternoon I'm luxuriating with a cup of Royal Tea Earl Grey. The delicate sachets allow me to see the soothing colors of the tea leaves, rose petals and cornflowers, as well as inhale the citrus, rose scent.

As it steeps, I can sit and breathe the fragrance in more deeply.

And then there is the first sip. A bold Sri Lankan black tea with the gentlest hint of citrus. The rose scent seems to brighten the citrus notes perfectly. You can tell a lot about a tea company by its Earl Grey. If I detect a soapiness in an Earl Grey, I'm often suspicious of every other blend they have, but when it comes to The Lawn, they exercise restraint in the right areas and the result is a beautiful balance.

Balance. That's what I'm continuing to pursue. Two steps forward, one step back. Not so much a journey, as it is a dance.