My Tea Journey

ITM Barcelona

It all began when my Aunt Jane took me to Lisa’s Tea Treasures somewhere near San Jose, CA when I was entering my senior year of high school. For that afternoon, I felt absolutely transported to another time and place, where life could be as simple as tea and cucumber sandwiches, where conversation was easy, and everyone was on equal footing. My Mom stoked these fantasy fires by serving tea and cookies whenever my college friends visited - all served in proper tea cups with cream, sugar, lemon wedges, etc. She even gave in to my penchant for sugar cubes rather than plain granules. I began dreaming of owning my own tea house where I could help create those moments for others.  Then life happened. I graduated from college, travelled abroad, married my high school sweetheart, moved from Boise, ID to “the O.C.,” got a jobby job, climbed the ranks, quit the jobby job, finished my Masters degree, started my own consulting firm, had a baby, joined the executive team of one of my former clients, had another baby… And the tea house? Well, that dream remained, though in different strains. Over the years, I attended tea trade shows, dabbled in blending, begged my way into a waitress job at a tea lounge, hosted afternoon teas at my own house, visited every tea room in a 50 mile radius, but mostly savored the memories of the International Tea Moments I’ve shared with different friends and loved ones over the years.
In this tea log, I’d like to share those moments and invite you to share yours as I explore new teas, new tea venues, and revisit old favorites. Create your own tea moments, and remember, the best ones are shared.