Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Moment with The Queen's Teapothecary

The utter gall of the email to the team left me speechless. I had not approved this next step. I had not even seen it. After letting it gnaw at me for a good part of the afternoon on the last day of my vacation, I crafted my response. It was succinct, pointed and specific. I would not be bulldozed. My authority in this arena would not be usurped!

Damage control was swift and complete. There were apologies and declarations that no harm was intended. An immediate update of all upcoming communications was sent to me and a promise of weekly such updates.

And then discovery. There, in my inbox, untouched, unnoticed from the previous week, was the email that documented from top to bottom the communication that would be going out to the team. The communication that had set off my (what could now only be called) temper tantrum.


In such moments as these, there can only be one course of action. As my colleague, Lia, always says, "When you mess up, 'fess up." So I crafted another email. This one took more time, more measure, much more responsibility, and even more courage to hit 'send.'

What tea pairs best whilst eating crow and a slice of humble pie?

This newly deflated princess turned to a recent gift of The Queen's Teapothecary to soothe a bruised and battered ego.

Isn't it interesting how viewing a thing of beauty can instantly make the world seem a little brighter? As I opened the beautiful box, I was presented with an herbal blend for every occasion. Did I need a touch of The King's Charm (a refreshing citrus mint blend) or to be wrapped up with the warm and soothing Queen Mother's Blend (with lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon and clove)? The escapist in me considered The Sleepy Princess Blend with thoughts of a nap, but in the end, I retreated with the The Queen's Favorite, a lavender and lemon verbena blend. Calming, with a bright ending, just what today's saga needed.

There has been a lot of change in the past few months in my workplace. The founder, president (and my long-time friend) said farewell to the company at the end of the year to begin a new adventure. At the same time, our parent company ramped up dedicated resources, and suddenly things on my wish list that used to take months or years to become reality are now taking weeks. There is suddenly more staff, which means I'm wearing fewer hats, which also means less involvement/knowledge in certain activities. I'm now able to focus on things that are the 'best use of my time,' and these are exciting and important changes. But even good change is change, and I'm realizing I'm not as flexible or resilient or ready to evolve as I thought I was.

What doesn't change is the comfort and consistency of a nice cup of tea. And what could be better than my own Teapothecary?

The Queen's Teapothecary is the creation of Mandalyn King, who has developed a beautiful line of  herbal infusions and floral tisanes.

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