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A Helpful Moment

I've been thinking a lot, lately, about how "helpfulness" has become a bit of a lost art. And now when I come across it, I'm completely blown away. This isn't about friendliness. I encounter friendly folks every day. But helpful, well, not as much. My most recent encounter with helpfulness was when ordering a "get well" gift for a loved one who has been battling cancer. I remembered the beautiful packaging and the soothing herbal teas of The Queen's Teapothecary , based out of Colorado Springs, CO, and thought that would be just the thing. After I placed my order, I followed up with an email to the owner, Mandalyn King , to see if she would be willing to include a note in the package so that the recipient would know who the package came from. Not only did Mandalyn agree with enthusiasm, she followed up with this: Jen, I've attached a picture of S___'s gift box, before it gets extra crinkle paper for protection. It's ready and

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