Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A TeaSource Showcase Moment

I suppose I shouldn't be, but I'm always amazed at the generosity of time and spirit of the people I've met in the tea community. At the top of the generosity charts is Bill Waddington, founder of TeaSource. When I was first starting to write about tea, I had the good fortune of travelling to the Minneapolis area, and I reached out to Bill to see if I could stop in, look around the tea room and chat for a few minutes. He graciously spent over an hour with me, answering my million questions about how he got started, how he sources his teas, what he enjoys most about the industry, what was his current favorite, what was the biggest challenge in running a tea room, etc.

Bill Waddington of TeaSource introducing me to
Dark Green Needle

Over the years, there have more more tea room visits when I've been in town, and I never miss an educational session when he's speaking at the World Tea Expo. I remember one year he taught a seminar that outlined every aspect of opening a tea room, including check lists, timelines, equipment lists, whether or not to use commercial realtors or certain types of contractors, everything. It was amazing!

His willingness to share everything he has learned has inspired Tea Meditation Moments like this one:

Day 4: Tea Meditation Moment

Bill has also been an amazing mentor when it came to my exploration of Green Teas. One of my favorites was the introduction of Dark Green Needle. Highlight moment:

A Wintry Tea Moment

He also introduced me to a variety of black teas that I had shied away from. One tea in particular was quite a surprising discovery: Keemun.

A Quasi-Sophisticated Moment

For all of the tea chats, education and inspiration, I want to thank Bill Waddington of TeaSource. I wish you and your team a happy and successful 2015!

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