Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Menu Reveal Moment

I've been a fan of Coffee, Tea and Tulips in Mission Viejo for a number of years. While they are a tea room and even more, their passion for unique food, unique tea (and coffee) and a unique dining experience shines through every thing they do and decision they make. (And by "They," I of course mean The Artiste, a.k.a. Michael Samawi, and his lovely wife, Lina.)

That's why is was such an honor for me to be invited to a private tasting of their new menu!

While their tea service has always been exceptional (they really do make the best Scones ever!), they've added their signature Worldly touch and created a menu of Tea Flavor Themes that literally blows my mind.

In a tour of Sandweech Flavor Themes, I was introduced to flavor combinations that have left me wondering, "Where have you been all my life?"

As a part of the Artiste's Daring Adventure, I was introduced to Fatteh, an ancient dish from the Egypt - Lebanon region. Let me just say, I'm in love with this creation. The savory goodness is something I've daydreamed of often since this meeting of fate.

The Tel Aviv from the Protein Flavor Profile is another savory masterpiece with chicken, sourcream, bleu cheese and topped with bacon. And as we all know, everything's better with bacon.

For the tea traditionalist, there is the Deconstructed Egg Salade, in the Traditional and Vegetarian Flavor Profiles. Now, those who know me, know that I'm all about the egg salad sandwich as de rigueur with Afternoon Tea. So, I was a little skeptical when I saw the presentation. However, one bite made me a believer. This simple bite of sliced egg, tapenade, pine nuts, and some of the Artiste's secret spices topping a soft wheat bread was just this side of heaven.

A sampling of everything - absolutely wonderful!

But then... there was more. Lots more!  Because not only has their tea menu been updated, their regular menu has undergone a major transformation as well!

Not into afternoon tea? No problem. A wonderful world of Salades and Sandweeches await you. Even a To-Die-For breakfast burrito!

Eggs, cream, shawerma (another introduction to a little slice of heaven), spinach, tomato, feta... trust me - amazing.

You don't need to be into "Tea" to be into Coffee Tea and Tulips' new menu. In a world of fast food and heat lamps, this is actual, affordable, inspiring cuisine. And it's tucked right in my back yard in the city of Mission Viejo, California.

Run. Don't Walk.

Coffee, Tea and Tulips
25280 Marguerite Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA
(949) 587-9988 ·
Please contact Coffee, Tea and Tulips 29 1/2 hours in advance of your desired Tea Time.

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