Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Coffee Tea and Tulips Menu Moment

It had been far too long since I'd visited the Moody Chef at Coffee, Tea and Tulips in Mission Viejo. So, I chose to treat myself on my birthday and take myself to tea. I let them know my plans via Twitter and they responded enthusiastically and almost immediately! (Find them on Twitter @CoffeeTeaTulips)

A scone and my favorite blend of their tea (Midnight in Paris) were waiting for me, and then the Chef and his lovely and hospitable wife, Lina, provided a birthday surprise: the opportunity to taste 3 new teas they will be adding to their menu!

The first - A Pineapple Oolong that was ever so light and whimsical.

Next - White Sangria - an amazing blend of fruit essences in a white Pai Mu Tan and Sencha blend that doesn't have the overly sweet fruity aftertaste that some fruit-infused teas can have. So good!

And last but not least, Meyer Lemon Vanilla Rooibos. Let me say that in general, I am not a Rooibos enthusiast. I appreciate everything about it, but it's not necessarily a flavor I prefer. The same goes for vanilla teas. And yet. And yet... Here is a blend that has changed my mind about both of these elements. Bright, refreshing, this tea is much greater than the sum of its parts. Run, don't walk, to try this tea!

And then, as is key when you visit Coffee, Tea and Tulips, there is the food. Oh, how I've missed these delights. The Royal Tea offers what I consider the basics of afternoon tea fare, but it is elevated to culinary nirvana. The simple egg salad, cucumber mint and curry chicken sandweeches (yes, you read that correctly) are simply more than you can imagine.

So, it was with great delight that I got the sneak peek at the Valentine menu that has just been released to the public. If you are in Orange County and you want to do something different, fun, and unique for a dear friend or your significant other for Valentine's Day, look no further. Read the descriptions of the Chef's mouth-watering creations HERE.

Thank you Chef and Lina for a lovely and memorable birthday tea! I"ll see you again soon!

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Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 9a –2:30p. Sunday 9a –2p.