Friday, June 28, 2013

A Back-To-Nature Moment

A few weeks ago, I shared how we've been replacing our evening imbibing of wine with an herbal infusion instead. (By the way, there's a noticeable difference in how well we sleep!) And lately, I've been turning to herbals to deal with that after lunch near-coma. While a little afternoon tea could certainly help, the caffeine can wreak havoc on my attempts toward 8 hours of sleep. Okay 7. Well, 6. Anyway.

Alvita's Ginger Peppermint infusion is a one of those subtle reminders that so much of our well-being can be enhanced and maintained by nature itself. Think of that!

I was introduced to Alvita's new Category Director, Tonja Schenk, at the World Tea Expo. She has been an integral part of their rebranding initiative of the herbal company that got its start in 1922. While most of the herbals are single herb tisanes, there are some (like my Ginger-Peppermint) that combine herbs used for a common, traditional purpose.

Wall of herbs. Gorgeous!

Feeling refreshed, I have to admit. And my tummy is feeling a little less tortured after I completely over-ate. (Baja chicken burrito. With guacamole. Lost all control.)

There are a lot of things I'm loving about this new herbal discovery. First of all, the history is pretty inspiring. It started in the Roaring 20's with packaging alfalfa (known for its nutrients) in tea bags and selling in the newly developing health food market.  Ahead of its time then, its ahead of the curve yet again. The new packaging highlights beautiful botanical illustrations that are timeless.

And just the fact of what they're doing: single herb infusions traditionally used for remedies. I saw a cartoon recently that depicted society's cycle that started out as hunter-gatherers using herbs to address ailments to the use of tinctures to the discovery of drugs like penicillin to our utter dependence and obsession with prescription medication and how we're now back to naturopathic remedies, which take us right back to the use of basic herbs. I wish I could find it because it's way more interesting and clever than my description, but I think we can all relate to being "over" the barrage of prescription drugs that are so readily available for every possible issue.

In any case, I'm glad to have discovered Alvita. And now I can tackle that afternoon stack of paperwork thanks to this herbal boost!

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