Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Calming Evening Moment

My husband and I started dating our senior year of high school. During those first winter months of dating, we spent hours upon hours sitting at his mom's kitchen table drinking mugs of hot tea and talking. The mugs were standard issue white and blue Corelle and the tea was standard Lipton, but as with any Tea Moments, the best ones are shared and it's not always about the tea. It's very often about the company. And I had found the best.

7 years of dating and 13 years of marriage later, we still enjoy sitting together after the girls are finally in bed and sipping on something. The beverage has changed over the years to a leisurely glass of wine or two. But very recently, we noticed that what "they" say about a drink before bed is true. Sleep is not as restful or consistent. And so, we got back to our roots.

I had just received some Sleep and Relax Tea from Bell Lifestyle, so we decided to introduce that as our new evening beverage of choice. While a glass of wine is comfortable, it really comes down to the slow sipping, the togetherness, rather than the beverage itself.

As we discovered in our high school days, the preparation of the tea helps begin the winding  down process. Waiting for the kettle to boil, bringing the mugs out, steeping. There's no chance to rush. And in this case, the tea helps too. A blend of chamomile, linden and other herbs, it's warming, it's soothing, it's relaxing. Did we sleep better? We're cautiously optimistic. But we definitely feel more healthful about our evening routine. And it's fun to re-live those first months of dating, when life was simpler. And to talk about how far we've come since those teen age, simple days.

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