Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Moment with Snowmen

My aunt is the type of person who creates beauty wherever she goes. From painting to woodworking, to quilling, to gardening, to sewing... you name it, she can create it. In the years after I acquired my driver's license, her house would be a regular stop to say hello. There would always be snacks and fun stories, a sympathetic ear, and a new project to see. There would also be the seasonal decor.

Nearly every month, there is a new theme, reflective of the appropriate upcoming holiday or season. While we were home for the holidays, it was with great pleasure that we stopped in to see said aunt a couple of days after Christmas. January decor was in full force, which of course means... Snowmen.

Even though we had promised we were coming by just for a very short visit, there was a pot of tea and a tray of treats. And, of course, no detail was overlooked. Milk and sugar cubes - with tongs even!

It was a quick visit, a needed visit, a hearkening-back-to-old-times visit. And I'm so glad that Edie could be there to experience a glimpse of the magic that is Aunt S. Tea and cookies, some moments to play with her cousin, soaking in the beauty created by this relative that we only see a couple of times per year. It's important. It's part of who I am, of who she is, and I look forward to more of these precious moments each time we go home.

And while I can never seem to stay on top of the changing seasons in my own household, and certainly not seasonal decor, this visit has inspired me to get out the few snowmen I have. Funnily enough, 2 out of the 3 were gifts from her~

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