Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Georgian Moment

There's something so comforting about meeting up with old friends after a long absence. Whether a few months have passed or a few years, there are those certain friends who you see and you pick up right where you left off. There are new pieces of news or updates on old news, but the back story is already filled in, the foundation laid. I don't have to explain my utter contempt for this or my wholehearted love of that.

Which is one of the reasons my most recent trip to Seattle was so... satisfying (is the word that comes to mind). Despite my desire to slow down on the travel (see previous post), since I was travelling, I was so happy to be able to share a moment with K, my friend of now 20 years in the city that is now her home. To make it even better, I got to introduce her to another friend, H, who happens to live in the same neck of the woods. I explained to them, "You are two of the smartest people I know on the entire planet. You must meet!"

And so, what better place to host a meeting of the minds and filling of the soul than Afternoon Tea. And what better place to have Afternoon Tea than The Georgian at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

To begin such a moment, we started with Kir Royale. Fitting, as I was with K in Pau, France when we were first introduced to the aperitif.

With tea selected (I went for the 1907 Blend), 

sugar cubes approved,

tea tray delivered,

and presentation admired,

it was time to enjoy tea and friendship.

There was plenty to catch up on. K just bought her first house, and H is working on a new aspect of her business. We covered the spectrum of conversation from transgender issues to major Facebook faux pas, to my apparent gap in literary education that is Ready Player One (Yes, D, K agrees it is a must-read before it becomes a must-see), to the importance of sugar cubes, to European travel in general and travel to Paris and Pau in particular. 

All the while, we were taken care of beautifully by The Georgian staff. Each scone, savory and sweet described in great detail, tea pots were refreshed regularly, and we were allowed to linger as long as we liked. 

It was the best possible scenario. Soaking in the comfort of spending time with K, enjoying the luxury of learning more about H, feeling chuffed at the opportunity to connect two people I care about and admire, and doing it all over a favorite pastime in the most elegant environments. 


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