Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Some Odds and Ends Moments

Though I have been relatively quiet on the blog this summer, things around here have been decidedly on the go, as have my tea vessels:

In a Lodge
On a trip
In the Board Room
On the Strip.
And while I don't have a picture of it (regretfully), there was the day at the beach that I was sipping a thermos of iced tea and the entire beach population was captivated as a young life guard was faced with one of the oddest moments of his life. His job was to herd the swimmers and boogie boarders toward the northern half of the beach as the surfers were directed to the southern part of the beach. As swimmers complied, there was one strange man (who looked an awful lot like a heavier version of Mr. Bean) with flippers on his feet and a snorkel and mask perched on his forehead. He watched the young life guard like a hawk. If the guard would turn in the man's direction, he would hop backward like an off-balance bird. When the guard tried to approach him to give him the instructions of where to swim, the man turned and ran (ish) with flippers akimbo. The life guard and all of the onlookers looked around to see what or who the man was afraid of. Again, the young man tried to carry out his task of communicating where to swim, and again the man flapped off, yelling over his shoulder in some foreign tongue. It was a hilarious, confusing and bonding moment for everyone at Strands that day.

Who was that flippered man?

Actually, if you want to talk "odd," for the first time in my 20 years of travelling to Las Vegas for business and leisure, I was served tea in a diner in this manner:

A Las Vegas First
Yes. That is loose leaf tea being brewed in a tea pot at a Las Vegas diner. Northside Cafe in the SLS Hotel. (Try their Street Tacos - they are AMAZING!).

So... what's your Odds and Ends story of the summer?

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