Monday, August 24, 2015

A Morning Cup Moment

I'm so grateful this morning. Grateful that my girls are healthy, grateful for my husband who makes our lives better and happier each and every day, grateful for the parents I have and for my entire family, for my friends, my home, my work...

This weekend was one full of difficult news from a variety of friends. One friend dealt with a final goodbye to her mom's ashes in a special and intimate memorial. One friend's dad is now in hospice care and the family is faced with saying goodbye. Another friend's son fell from a tree, broke his jaw, his back and partially tore his spinal cord. The family is faced with the reality that they nearly lost their son and due to a miracle, he is alive and now gearing up with a long road to recovery with the hope of gaining any feeling or movement from the waist down.

My #MorningCup of Dong Ding from TeaVivre

With these friends on my heart and mind, I'd like each of my tea friends to take a moment to raise their own cup to those for whom they are grateful. Take a photo of your tea cup and post it to Instagram with what you are grateful for today, as well as the hashtags #MorningCup and #TeaVivre. Tag me (TeaMoment), and your tribute could win one of 4 online gift cards from TeaVivre who celebrates Tea for Life every day, and is celebrating their 4th anniversary this summer.

Thank you to all of you who are a part of my life, and take a moment today to give a loved one a call, a hug, or share a cup of tea. Remember, the best moments are shared.


Note: Random drawing of eligible entries will take place on Wednesday, August 26th at noon PST. To be eligible, post an image of your cup of tea with the hashtags #MorningCup and #TeaVivre and tag my Instagram account, TeaMoment. Note of what you're grateful for is encouraged but not required.

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