Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Moment for Mothers and Daughters

I remember when Edie was just a baby and Gene, "Now you have someone to go to tea with!" And I was so happy at the thought. So, when I had the opportunity to participate in her school's annual Mother Daughter Tea, what could I do but jump at the chance.

When I went to my first committee meeting (a very late comer, as we had just started attending the school a month before) and explained that I was a tea blogger, the long-standing committee at first just sat and blinked at me. Then one got up out of her chair and came over to hug me. I had been accepted!

The theme of the event was, "Springtime in New York," and upon entry, we were greeted with a Times Square sign and a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Each table had been set with Tea Cups loaned by dozens of the mothers. Each table was unique and beautiful!

The annual event incorporates a fashion show with any of the girls from the school as the runway models. Afternoon tea consists of all the right things: finger sandwiches, scones...

.. .and an assortment of teas. That's where I got to have some fun. 

As it was a California-based school, I reached out to a few of my favorite California-based tea companies and asked for their participation. I was overwhelmed with their generosity to help make this day something special. 

A very special thank you to my friends, Diane and Vern, owners of California Tea and Coffee Brewery, who provided my very favorite blend, Irish Breakfast Tea, which was renamed "Breakfast at Tiffany's" for the event. 

Another heartfelt thank you to my friends at The Republic of Tea. They provided our caffeine-free option, Chamomile Lemon, renamed, "Broadway Dreams" for the event (and which the little girls couldn't get enough of!).

An official Thank You in the Program
In addition to the fashion show, there was a raffle, where once again, my tea friends showed off their generous spirits! Thank you to one of my oldest and dearest tea rooms, American Tea Room, for an exquisite Tea Gift Box with a rare tea. This Grandmother with her Granddaughter were thrilled to win it.

And thank you to one of my newest friends on the Tea Scene, Tea Ave, who provided a beautiful Aroma Set along with a collection of beautiful Oolong teas. 

This family, with Grandmother, Mother and Daughter, were the happy winners of this raffle prize!

The crowning glory of it all, for Edie, was the surprise candy bar that was opened up at the end of the event. Candies of all shapes and sizes in Tiffany Blue were laid out in abundance. You can see who liked that idea very much.

My admiration goes to the the committee moms, many of who have been a part of the Mother-Daughter Tea for years. Finding a new venue, organizing the loan of over 170 tea cups from dozens of school moms, coming up with a theme, building a set to be the backdrop of the fashion show, organizing the models, recruiting vendors for the boutique, rounding up raffle prizes, not to mention the basic set up and clean up of the event itself. Their dedication to creating a moment for moms, daughters and friends to build memories together is a beautiful thing. 

This was such a special day for me. My daughter transferred into this school in January, and I've been so pleased with how encouraging and engaging the teachers, administrators and children have been with our entire family. The Mother Daughter Tea was a chance to get to know other moms better, see my daughter giggle with her new friends, and really enjoy the moment. The fact that so many tea friends contributed to the day made it that much more special. 

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