Thursday, May 7, 2015

A World Tea Expo 2015 Moment - Day 2

Today started with running into a couple of my favorite Tea Ladies, Naomi (Joy's Teaspoon) and Rachel (iHeartTeas).

And then it was off to a very special demonstration by Teforia. Teforia is a name you should have on your radar. That. Is. All. 

Next, I stopped by jhentea, a 4th generation of women tea makers in Taiwan. Kuei-Chen Fang's family is one of the very few who know the secrets of making high mountain oolong. They are currently bringing up the 5th generation of women in the art and science of what they do. This is a story I want to explore further.

As I turned a corner, I spotted a table full of bloggers, and of course had to stop and see what all the fuss was about. The Finest Brew was sharing the most wonderful Xi Juan Ya Bao. I learned more about tea in 20 minutes than in the last 20 years!


Then, it was off to the 3rd Annual Tea Blogger Roundtable, this year moderated by Gary Robson of Tea With Gary. Nicole Schwartz (@amazonv) did an amazing job capturing the information shared by the panel. The consensus was that bloggers are most successful when they write about what they take a unique point of view, are passionate about a topic, and include people as a part of the stories. 

The last stop will be the 2015 World Tea Awards held at the Queen Mary. Stay tuned! 

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