Thursday, April 2, 2015

Several Moments with Amoda Tea

There are days when there is nothing you can do but wait. No amount of checking email, scanning missed calls or looking up websites will make the answer arrive any sooner.

I remember as a child when I had to wait, I'd be impatient and I couldn't think of anything to pass the time and I'd tell my mom I was bored.

"Find something to do," she'd tell me. When I told her there wasn't anything to do, she's name 2 or 3 activities that I was almost always doing: read a book, go play outside, find your paper dolls.

My oldest daughter runs me through the same routine these days.

"I'm SO bored!" she'll say.

"Find something to do."

And history repeats itself.

Find something to do.

It is for this reason I'm happy to have a gift from Amoda Tea standing by. A monthly tea box. Just the thing to keep me company throughout what will inevitably be a long day.

I start with the Keemun by Swan Sisters. This classic Chinese black tea is more earthy than many of the black teas you'll typically find in my cup. It bold, deep tones and rich red color match my mood, yet the subtle plum finish shifts me into a more contemplative frame of mind rather than brooding. This is good.

As the morning progresses and the sunlight increases, I shift gears to the Hazelnut Pear by Petali Teas. As it steeps, I breathe in the pear cider scent, and am warmed body and spirit. The brightness of gunpowder green tea is tempered with the rich cinnamon, apple, pear, hazelnut and cardamom threads.

After lunch, I feel indulgent and steep a cup of Lavendar Cream Earl Grey by Aromatica. The lavender and hibiscus petals create a feast for the eyes even before the steeped brew can feed the soul. The aroma is heavenly, and the tea (which I have dressed with milk and sugar) is the treat I want it to be.

The day is winding down and I must quiet this mind of mine. I reach for Serene Tea by The Honest Leaf. The chamomile provides the perfect calming backdrop for the bouquet of  lemon, jasmine, peppermint, lavender and hibiscus that is contained in this cup. While many herbal tisanes can feel watery and thin, this brew is full bodied and well rounded, with no one note drawing too much attention. I sit, I sip, I wait.

As the answer is finally revealed, I can now begin my journey forward. I think I'll be bringing these teas with me...

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