Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Series of Unglamorous Moments

I could use a little zen in my life.

It all started last week when we picked up Ed from the kennel and our longtime "innkeeper" delicately informed us that the groomer had discovered a "cut" on Ed's "butt." No one knew how the cut had come about, but they wanted us to be aware of it.

The next day, said cut began to look a little (more) disturbing. One ruptured anal gland surgery later, Ed was home with a cone of shame and a packet of antibiotics and pain medication. At his follow-up visit, it was deemed the surgical site was not healing as quickly as they would like, so now there was a topical antibiotic that was to be applied twice daily. They also supplied some rubber gloves.


The day after that, our youngest girl began what would be a 4-day bout of the stomach flu. To her credit, she made it to the toilet every time she needed to puke. Not bad for a girl who will turn 3 next week. Her older sister posted this note above her bed - whether as a reminder to herself or as a prayer, I'm not sure, but I think we all were feeling this way about it:

"Make sure that my little sister does not barf"

Monday and Tuesday were spent running the toddler to the toilet, swabbing a dog's hind end, doing several loads of laundry - all in between online training sessions for clients. I'll go ahead and put it out there that I'm so glad these were not video conference calls.

Needless to say, Mama needed a break.

That's when I happily discovered a box of Chai Tea that my friends from Buddha Teas had sent me.

I'm not usually a casual chai drinker. The chai's I've had feel more like an event: the spice, the sweetness, the milk. Sometimes I can find them a little overwhelming and over-filling. This chai, however, was one that allowed me to feel a little more in control. As I steeped my chai, I inhaled the warm exotic scent of the spices: cinnamon, cardamom. I chose to not add sugar nor milk. A clean, zen moment to make up for the dozens of hectic and unglamorous moments of the previous days.

I sipped the first sip and was rewarded with a smooth, bold black tea laced with traditional chai spice. It delivered all the warmth and comfort without the heaviness. Finally, despite all the craziness, sickness and discomfort around me, I was finally able to sit quietly as both the baby and the dog slept peacefully.

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