Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Naivetea Showcase Moment

In my first couple of years of blogging, there were a handful of Tea Mentors that stepped forward and helped widen my horizons on what "Tea" could be. One of those individuals is Lawrence Lai of Naivetea. 

The Naivetea US corporate team.  As Lawrence introduced them, the two little ones, Chloe and Egan, are the supreme executives, Ann is  the lovely spokesperson, and Lawrence himself is proud to have been named Employee of the Month 8 times in a row!
I had never thought much about Oolong Tea until Lawrence sent me a package containing a few different Oolongs, which he sources solely from Taiwan. They didn't have the robust boldness of my usual black tea blends. These were something different, something special. For the next several months I spent a lot of time steeping and tasting Oolongs.

The very first one I tasted was their Award-Winning Lychee Oolong. Having little experience with either Lychee or Oolong, I didn't know what to expect, but it definitely inspired one of my longer blog posts:

A Good Housekeeping Moment

One of the things I enjoy most about Naivetea's approach is their sense of humor and ability to make tea approachable. During one of my conversations with Lawrence, he talked about how Infused Oolongs is a good way to introduce people to Oolong because they're so friendly and can be served hot or cold. - A friendly tea. I love that!

I Long, You Long, We All Long for Oolong

Naivetea's Oolongs have always brought out my inner royalty, whether feeling like a Princess myself or comparing teas to royalty, there is just something elevating about these teas.

An Imperial Beauty Moment

An All-the-Oolong-Day Moment

So, thank you, Lawrence and family, for introducing me to an entire world of teas that I had never previously explored. They are now a part of my go-to-teas (especially if you bring back the Rose Violet Calendula Oolong!!!)

And, by the way, their packaging is as beautiful as their teas. If there's a tea lover in your life, Naivetea Teas are a special gift they'll adore!

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