Friday, September 12, 2014

A Moment of Pause

There's a subtle shift in the air this week. An ongoing disturbance in the force has changed direction or is operating on a lower frequency. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but my sense is that it is a good thing.

Resolutions are slowly creeping in on a variety of fronts. Most noticeably, I saw one of the giant spiders during my run yesterday morning. As a rule, I hate those things, because every fall they build these giant, Halloween-sized webs - typically across a sidewalk - and walking into one of those is, well, I can't really talk about it. Too soon.

In any case, usually they arrive in late summer, mid August or so. But I haven't seen them this year. And the ridiculous population of flies is a testament to that fact! With their arrival, while in some ways is unwelcome, in other ways it is a relief. Small resolutions, tiny developments, subtle shifts.

Sitting in the cooler morning air, I'm soaking it all in with a Chinese Oolong from Kedocay. Wuyi Yancha Da Hong Pao Oolong has its own subtleties and shifts. As a dry, long, twisted leaf, it smells of drying hay, which feels appropriate for this harvest time of year. As the hot water is added, the scent transforms into a nutty, toasty fragrance that hints of cooler weather to come. The flavor is robust and has a toasted rice flavor, leaning toward a genmaicha profile, which is an unexpected, but pleasant twist.

I'm grateful for the noticeable reduction in flies today, I'm also grateful for the awareness that sometimes the answer that we thought was, "No," might actually just be, "Wait."

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