Monday, June 23, 2014

A Deja Tea Moment

Little known fact - I dabbled in tea blending. In fact, I have a little black book that has tea blending trial and errors dating from April 18, 2002. My April 29, 2002 herbal infusion attempt #4 is one I like to think of my secret weapon. It's the blend that will allow me to retire early. Then there is Earl Grey attempt #2.2. (Don't ask me what the .2 signified. I simply can't remember.) This little wonder is probably one of my favorite attempts. It is my idea of the perfect twist on Earl Grey. I had never tasted anything quite like it.

Until yesterday.

It was a complete "Déjà thé" moment. The perfect Earl Grey. My Earl Grey! And yet, not mine.

I knew I liked Nelson's Tea, and here is tangible proof that they are my kind of people! Here in their blend, A Portrait of Earl Grey, they have captured my ideal Earl Grey profile. And while their ingredients and ratios (I'm sure) are slightly different (theirs has cornflower, mine has, well, mine has something else), the flavor is nearly identical. I've been drinking it non stop for the past two days and my sample is now gone. All I have is a memory. And a happy one at that.

A Portrait of Earl Grey, the perfect blend.
Nelson's Tea provides an extensive array of teas and tea blends. I've enjoyed their Outrageous Oolong, which has a roasted, nutty flavor and is pleasantly bold. And their Rockin' Raspberry is a black tea blend that does fruit blends credit! No overly sweet aftertaste, just a happy blend of strong black tea with a strain of raspberry that will be an excellent iced tea for the summer!

And this is not just a place where you can order beautiful teas with fun and fanciful names! You can explore their Knowledge Center and learn the health benefits of each kind of tea, herb and spice they offer. As our society reaches back to an understanding of the healing powers of Mother Nature, Nelson's Tea has anticipated the questions and provides the answers.

Thank you to the husband and wife duo behind Nelson's Tea! This is the stuff dreams are made of!

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