Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Tea Time in a Pail Moment

A friend under the weather. A kitchen full of ingredients. There's only one thing to do. Pack a hamper (or in this case, a pail) of tea things and deliver it to her door step.

I remember a commercial from several years ago, where a man says in a silly voice, "You know you have to Feed a cold!" I quite agree. A couple of tea sandwiches, a packet of scones, a sample of tea I'm sure she'll enjoy (Cherry Blossom Rose Green Tea from Capital Teas - Once she feels better, she can infuse some white wine with it too!), and, of course, some cookies (also known as chocolate biscuits to our British and Australian friends).

With Mother's Day just days away, sometimes it's nice to remember that just because we're grown up doesn't mean we don't crave a little mothering now and then. Who in your life could use a little TLC?

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