Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Very Spicely Moment

In my jobby job I do a lot of talking. A. Lot. And during the first month of each quarter, I do even more. These months are "Client Review" months where I have between 3 and 5 back-to-back, hour-long online meetings reviewing client customer service trends. Much to my chagrin, about halfway through this month, my voice decided enough was enough and called it quits.

But the show, as they say, must go on.

Recently, at a conference where I was speaking, the host introduced me with the kind words of, "Listening to Jen is like warm milk and cookies." After my voice gave out this month, I had to warn my clients that listening to me was going to be more like whiskey and cigarettes. - at best.  Never have I been more grateful for a package of tea than I was with Spicely Organics' care package.

I felt like I had my own private in-house apothecary. Full disclosure: I don't typically care for rooibos, but I was inexplicably drawn to the Ginger Calendula Organic Rooibos. It was the perfect, gentle, soothing blend for my raw throat.

From there, I indulged in some Jasmine Cacao, a beautifully balanced organic Japanese green tea blend that had a floral hint that harmonized so nicely with the earthy cacao.

In the early afternoon, I brewed some Organic Earl Grey and allowed myself to feel very British, stiff upper lip and all that, encouraging my throat to rally.

Late afternoon, I tried the Unwind Tulsi Tea. The gentle rose and cinnamon gave me one last gentle push to help me get through my day.

With my tour of teas, I was able to get through one more day of non-stop talk. So, thank you Spicely Organics - you allowed me to continue to work with pleasure!

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