Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Matcha Masters Moment

I can't tell if it's because golf has gotten more popular in the past few years or if I'm actually getting older, but it has become an annual "thing" to be invited to watch the Masters Tournament at a friend's home or a special venue.

"What does one bring to a Masters Tournament viewing?" one may well ask. And while we toyed with the idea of providing the iconic pimento cheese sandwich (I couldn't get past the plain white bread presentation, which I was informed must not be prettied up!), I ultimately saw this as my opportunity to try out a recipe of my own invention that will now be forever dubbed Matcha Masters Cookies. (I'm sure they are the reason that Bubba won again. You're welcome.)

I'd been wanting to experiment with Matcha in baking for quite some time, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder - ORGANIC (Culinary grade green tea powder). What I found particularly cool about Kiss Me Organics' approach is that when you buy the matcha powder you also get a matcha recipe e-book that includes an enormous number of recipes from smoothies to snacks to desserts and everything in between.

The cookies were an amazing success at the Masters viewing party, and it sparked an in-depth discussion about matcha powder, its health benefits, what different people would like to make with it, etc.

The verdict? I like this stuff! It's more versatile than I expected, and I can tell I'll be experimenting with it a whole lot more in the very near future.

Update! If you'd like my Matcha Masters Cookie recipe, it can be found in my new e-book: A Mother's Day Tea Recipe Moment!

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