Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Rosie Moment

It seems that becoming the proud owner of a goldfish is some sort of rite of passage in the U.S. We already have a dog, so requests for a puppy have been pretty minimal. There was the phase of being begged for a water snail, but we discovered they are extremely prolific and require a larger set up than what we were willing to invest in. And so the request turned to goldfish.

Well, why not?

We packed up the car, drove to the local pet store, chose a small but functional aquarium (with colorful decor and gravel) and then Edie selected two tiny goldfish. The white one with black speckles was named Daisy. The bright orange one was Rosie.

There was great excitement about setting up Daisy and Rosie's new home. A lot of time was spent watching them swim around in their new environs, and every few minutes Edie would say, "Can we feed them again?"

The love affair continued into the next morning, where Edie burst into our bedroom (as per usual, way too early) climbed on the bed and began giving me the goldfish update. Daisy was swimming around and having fun. She seemed to really like her home. She thought Rosie might not feel very well, though. She looked... "tired." 


Gene went down to investigate, and, alas, Rosie was more than tired. She had expired. And so, father and daughter sent her to her watery grave in the age-old tradition of goldfish send-offs: via the toilet.

Edie took it rather well, but I could tell it was something she was sorting through. So when Anne Marie went down for her nap, we turned to tea. And not just any tea. Her comfort tea, Persian Princess, by The Devotea.

We discussed how goldfish in general don't live terribly long. She wondered if Daisy might be lonely.

She asked for another sugar cube and another sandwich.

In the end, we decided that Daisy may indeed like another friend. We thought about what the new fish should be named. She decided the new fish could be Rosie II. 

Her dad did one better. On his way home from work, he stopped by the pet store once more and brought home, not one, but two new friends for Daisy.

From left to right: Daisy, Rosie II and Bengal
Welcome to the family.

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