Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Quiet Birthday Moment

My mom just sent me a text message saying that I was born on a Saturday morning like this.

That might explain why I especially love sleeping in on Saturdays. It's My day. And I was grateful to Gene for letting me lounge in bed a little longer after the girls came bursting into the room yelling, "Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!"

Now, for just a little bit, I have the house to myself. The family + dog are taking a stroll and leaving me to a peaceful Saturday morning.

Last year was complicated, busy, full of baffling situations that required much thought, prayer and grown-up decisions. It was a year where the grain of sand irritated the oyster relentlessly, but I feel that 2014 is where a pearl will be revealed.

Simplicity. Faith. Family. Service. This is how I begin my year.

I look forward to hearing about your New Year and the Moments that will mark its passage. 

And now, a quiet tea moment. Happy birthday to me. 

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