Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Medley of Moments

This holiday season was one of our most treasured. With two young girls in tow and two branches of families to visit, all within one mile of each other, the trek to our hometown can easily turn into a death march of obligations. Self-imposed obligations, let me be clear. It is typically my goal to see as many relatives and friends as possible, which often leads to seeing very little of Gene during our entire vacation.

This year was different. We made family plans that focused on our own nuclear family first, prioritized time with our parents second, and whatever else fell into place as we went along would be decided as it came up.

The result was a surprising amount of quality time with individuals and families. While Gene took Edie up the mountain for ski camp, I has special time with my parents, my sister-in-law, and my oldest friend.  And once ski camp was over, there were larger group get-togethers.

There were cups of tea...

in familiar cups...

in chic, new bistros; 

in informal gatherings...
and more formal ones...

but the common thread was simply spending time with the people I love most.

I honestly couldn't tell you the various and sundry tea I drank over the holidays. And you know something: ultimately it really doesn't matter.  What matters are the conversations, the stories, the catching-up, the laughs, the revelations and the connections that occurred. And as you know, when it comes to tea moments, the best ones are shared.

Looking for recipes or ideas to create your own tea moment? I've got inspiration for you HERE. And if you'd like to share your own recipes or themed tea parties, I'd love to hear from you. Send ideas HERE!

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