Friday, November 22, 2013

A Fall Floral Moment

It's been a bit rainy and cloudy this past day or two. Just perfect for a cup of a familiar favorite, Irish Breakfast Tea from California Tea and Coffee Brewery. I'll sit out here and admire my flowers for just a minute or two.

I love the vibrant colors of fall flowers in Southern California. We just added these outside my front door, and I love being greeted by them each morning as I take the girls to school.
See how the raindrops cling to the snapdragons? Snapdragons make me think of my dad. There were always lots of these in the garden when I was growing up.

These pansies make me think of my dad's sister, Aunt Sue. Many of the tea pots and tea cups she's given me over the years have pansies on them. Such sweet, friendly flowers.

I'll linger just a minute more...

Happy Friday!

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