Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Rocktober Moment

It is the first of October. Or, as it's referred to in my house, Rocktober. I think most families have one of those months that is just abnormally weighted down with commitments, renewals, appointments, obligations, fees, etc., etc. October is our month.

So, as the last days of a comparatively mild September came to a close, it was so wonderful to be invited to tea at a dear friend's house. I'm in awe of her wherewithal to have me over as I believe September was her Rocktober. A return to work, a new home purchase, the start of school for one, the entry into the terrible two's for another, etc., etc.

There is such luxury in sharing a moment with an old friend, talking about (or purposely not talking about) what we've all been up to, work, the kids, gardening (or the fantasy of gardening), books we've read (or would love to have 5 minutes in which to read), ideas for home décor, and the absolute newly discovered necessity for cress in tea sandwiches. Say yes to the Cress!

She's a wonder, this friend of mine. With everything else going on, she crafted delicious tea sandwiches, freshly baked scones with homemade Devonshire cream and cherry preserves. And, of course, a plate of shortbread cookies.

I brought along a variety of teas (green for her, black for me) and a little parcel of beautiful hand crafted sugar from Chambre de Sucre, for that special touch.

In the calm before my storm, it was the perfect moment to soak in what life is all about. Family, friendship, and in this case, food! Thank you, C.

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