Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Makeshift Tea Moment

Sometimes a girl just wants a cucumber sandwich. And sometimes all there is in the fridge is a heel of a cucumber, the dregs of some cream cheese and whole wheat bread. Not ideal, but I don't have the time or patience to be picky. So, in goes a little sour cream with the cream cheese, the cucumber is sliced, and dill is sprinkled liberally. And, of course, the crusts are trimmed.

A cluster of grapes, and just the right tea. I'm running low on Assams. This is truly tragic. But wait!  What is this? An Assam from my visit to The Urban Tea Merchant in Vancouver. Perfect! I even forgo the milk and sugar that I usually reserve for Afternoon Tea Moments.

I choose my Ivy and Roses tea cup as an homage to the last of my summer roses blooming in this unforgiving September heat.

Fall is creeping in. This is the season of new beginnings, in my mind. Thoughts of thoroughly dredging out the closets and cupboards, organizing shelves and drawers, and maybe even attacking the garage have overtaken my daydreams. Welcome to motherhood, I think to myself. When free time is devoted to cooking and/or cleaning. What has happened to me.

But I can still indulge in this guilty pleasure. The afternoon tea, however makeshift it may be, is still an oasis from any storm however mild or harrowing. 

Now, how do I get my mitts on some more Assam...

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