Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An Earl Grey Kind of Moment

"They" say that Earl Grey is the most popular black tea blend in the U.S.  And I can believe it. When you travel as much as I do and stay in any chain of hotels, you soon discover that the standard "fancy" teas they provide in your room or in the hotel restaurant are Earl Grey, Chamomile or if you're really lucky, Bigelow's Constant Comment.

While I've tended toward unflavored teas in recent years, I'll admit I like a good Earl Grey here and there, and today was just one of those days.

Today, a fun treat from Hampstead Tea of London. Now, when it comes to Earl Greys, there's an entire spectrum of bergamot influence. There's the blend with the very light touch of the citrus all the way up to the Bergamot with hint of black tea added. On a scale of 1 to 10, Hampstead Tea's Earl Grey is about an 8.5 on the Bergamot scale. Just perfect for the addition of milk and sugar. Citrus lovers, this one's for you.

I don't know what it is about Earl Grey, but it's a very cozy tea. It begs for sweater-wearing and book reading. So, despite it being in the 90's in sunny, southern California, I'm improvising and curling up on the sofa with an afghan nearby (too hot to actually wrap self in) and a favorite mystery (The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie), and sipping this comfortable treat.

The funniest thing happened. While writing this very post, I see that I just received an email from Elmwood Inn Fine Teas with a blog post on "Who was Earl Grey?" I guess it really is just an Earl Grey kind of day!

To celebrate it, let's have a drawing! Comment on this post with your favorite Earl Grey Tea Moment by September 20, 2013, and I'll send a package of Hampstead Tea's Earl Grey to a randomly selected winner. Can't wait to hear your "Moments!"

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