Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Free To Be Libre Moment

It's the middle of July, and the weather has turned suddenly from clear-sky triple-digit heat to a soft grey drizzle.

There's something cozy and comfortable to me about this kind of weather, as if I was born to live in Seattle or London.

And what better to accompany this strange, coolish weather than a cup of tea. An oolong. Milk Oolong from American Tea Room, to be more specific. And I want it in a special mug, a Libre Tea mug, a gift, that lets me watch the agony of the tea leaves, but lets me sip the pure tea through its stainless steel filter.

Milk oolong comes rolled in tight, little green pellets, and as the hot water soaks into them, they slowly, beautifully unfurl and you can see the fullness of each individual leaf. They are larger and longer leaves than one would imagine. How did they get rolled into such tiny little bundles? The craftsmanship shines through. And I can watch it come undone and appreciate its journey through my own clear glass window.


I sit, I sip, I sink into the coziness of this moment...

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