Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Chocolat et Fraise Moment

My first daughter often comes across as much older than her 5 years. So it thrills me to the core when I see her wholeheartedly throw herself into stereotypically 5-year-old games like playing "restaurant" or playing "teacher" with her class full of dolls and stuffed animals. Or playing dress-up.

On this particular morning, she dressed as a bride with tiara and requested tea with "the special sugars." Of course, my princess.

So we carefully chose the teapot, tea cups and accessories...

We selected and arranged the special sugars from Chambre de Sucre...

And then we chose from the sneak peek collection of teas that Chambre de Sucre will be releasing soon.  I read the names and descriptions of the teas aloud, we smelled the ones that she thought sounded most interesting. Her choice was quick, decisive. Tea No. 20 Chocolat et Fraise. Of course. The beauty of the dry blend and the aroma as it then steeps is a beautiful prelude to the first sip. The gentle sweetness of chocolate and strawberries is grounded firmly in an earthy puerh, so that the flavors are rich without being harsh or saccharine.

As she carefully selected her sugars (one for her tea and another to eat), we chatted about favorite summer activities. About how she'd like to visit New York City again and go to the Central Park zoo. She'd like to show her little sister the polar bear's butt (which is all we've ever been able to see when visiting the polar bear's habitat).  She wondered who she might marry someday (after graduating college, travelling the world a bit and finding a job, I added helpfully), and informed me that she would be getting TWO dogs when she was grown up. A big one and a little one. But they'd still be friends, even if they were different sizes.

And then she insisted on taking a picture of me, too.

I love that as she is getting older, she finds pleasure in having tea with me. Her current highlight is choosing beautiful Chambre de Sucre sugars for our special tea moments together. Regular lumps of sugar will no longer do! But beyond the choosing of the sugars or the tea or the tea cups, she's ultimately choosing me. My first daughter is choosing to spend time with me. And that's the best moment of all.

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