Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Steampunk Moment

One of the fun discoveries I made at the 2013 World Tea Expo was Alpha Dominche's Steampunk. We've all been to coffee houses with their steaming, frothing and steaming espresso machines. A little bit of the draw to the coffee culture is the show, the personal touch that elevates a cup of coffee to a work of art. The Steampunk brings a little bit of that show to the tea world. 
 The ultra-modern design provides almost a sculptural touch to a tea room counter. And before your very eyes, your tea will be steamed and steeped to perfection. The Steampunk can be pre-programmed to steep anywhere from 15 to 25 different times and temperatures, so a Dragonwell can be set to steep at 180 F while the Golden Yunnan can be set to steep at 195 F. Because of the technology and agitation, steeping times can be a bit reduced and still keep the flavor profile true.
Easy to use, easy to clean between steeps, easy on the eyes. A pretty cool introduction to something that I hope to see in many tea cafes in the near future. Thanks to Jessica Tocci for showing me all the fun and fabulous features!

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