Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Sanctuary T Correspondent Moment

While I was getting ready to take off for the 2013 World Tea Expo, my other half was in New York on business. One afternoon, he texted, "Have you heard of Sanctuary T?"

Um, yes. Yes I have.

Apparently, his company dinner was going to take place there.


So, I instantly took to the Twitterverse and let @SanctuaryT know that the Man of the House would be dining there that evening and that he would be doing a review for me. I then let Gene know that I had notified Sanctuary T he would be there. His text?

"NY folks are too cool to seek anyone out."

"We'll see," I responded.

When he and his team arrived, East (mixologist extraordinaire) came up to him.

East. Sanctuary T's Genius Mixologist
"Hi. Are you Gene?"

Score 1 for the Underground Tea Syndicate.

And he brought gifts. A shot of Silver Needle infused vodka.

Score 2 for the Underground Tea Syndicate.

The menu East has created has something special for everyone.

As Gene encouraged his crowd to try a variety of the tea-infused cocktails, a couple became favorites very quickly:

Barrel of Red Chai
It came as no surprise to me that this was one of Gene's favorite. He's a fan of chai, and he found this to be full-bodied whose flavor lingered in your thoughts afterward with a spicy effect.

Red Moon Sangria
This was extremely popular with the group and very tasty. And he appreciated the presentation with the berries as well.

East, you exceeded my expectations of the hospitality that I was hoping my husband would experience, and you exceeded his expectations of what can come from tea+cocktails. (And the Underground Tea Syndicate.)

One day (hopefully very soon), I hope to be able to experience Sanctuary T myself. Am dying to see what their Afternoon Tea Service is all about! And a shot of Silver Needle Vodka wouldn't be so bad, either.

Sanctuary T is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, and brunch seven days per week.  The full bar is available daily from 12 pm until close.
Hours of Operation:
Daily 8:00AM until 11:00PM
Afternoon Tea Hours:
3:00PM until 5:00PM by reservation only
337B West Broadway (corner of Grand), New York City
Phone: 212-941-7832

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