Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Live Your Love Moment

One of the things I most enjoy about tea is that it brings people together. It is the great leveler. Old and young, rich and poor, every culture, every background. We can all sit and enjoy a cup of tea together.

So when I was introduced to Live Your Love tea, beyond the tea itself, I loved that its entire existence was about bringing people together to help those who need it most. I don't know how many British novels I've read where some character or other says, "A cup of tea will set you to rights." Well, this is a tea that will not only set you to rights, but many others as well.

Founded by Jeremy and Jasmine Dean, who met in Sri Lanka in 2005 while both doing voluntary relief work after the devastating tsunami, they now package and sell their own Sri Lankan (Ceylon) tea, the proceeds of which help finance current projects they are working on. Recent projects include helping fund foundations that support a medical clinic of Smile Lanka, which is focused on helping to provide clean drinking water. The reality that, world wide, 6 children die every minute due to diarrhea because of the lack of clean drinking water is something Smile Lanka is addressing close to home.

I love tea. I love helping. Supporting Live Your Love allows me to have the opportunity to do both. And regardless of your views on bagged tea, this tea sourced from Sri Lanka, is just the strong brew that I love to sink my teeth into. It packs the right kind of punch, and will hold up nicely to milk and sugar. This tea and me are already good friends.

Your tea supply is running low? I know a place where you can meet your need and meet some basics need for your fellow man. Thanks to Jasmine and Jeremy for Living Your Love and providing that opportunity for us as well!


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