Saturday, June 8, 2013

A 2013 World Tea Expo Overview Moment - Day 2

So much tea , so little time!

Day 2 started off for me at the "All About Terroir" session by Kevin Gascoyne of Camellia Senensis. This session was particularly fascinating to me, as I learned that not only does altitude, water supply and processing effect the flavor profiles of tea, but also how the tea plant responds to local insects, other vegetation in the area and more.

Next it was off to "Growing Your Customer Base on a Shoestring Budget," presented by Jessica Kochik of The Tea Spot. Whether an online retailer or a brick and mortar store, her number 1 recommendation: grow your email list!

From there, I walked by Chambre de Sucre and saw Lisa in action once more.

After that, I discovered Afternoon to Remember and met Owner Amy Lawrence, who not only sells lovely tea blends, but writes a wide range of books on all things tea. She's even opening a tea room this summer!

Next, I stopped by Capital Teas, where I was introduced to an amazing world of tea and wine combinations! Let me just say that they are doing magical things with tea and wine and tea and beer.

One of my favorite discoveries of the Expo was Tea Tangent! Their hand carved, wooden tea accessories are almost too lovely to use (though I'm sure I'll find away to get over that)! I want to see more of what artist Julia Edgerton Simons has introduced to the world!

Next, Aljiri Tea, which is a mother, daughter company that brings Kenyan Tea to the U.S. and employs women in Kisii, Kenya to handcraft the tea packaging. This provides employment for women and education for their children.

I was very happy to see Sencha Naturals again (Edie fell in love with their Bombay Chai Mints at the Tea Lovers Marketplace in Pasadena last month), so thank you, Michelle, for sending me home with a surprise supply for her!

After a day full of meeting and greeting, discoveries and re-discoveries, it was time for afternoon tea with some of my favorite tea people. I'll have plenty to say on this subject, but I do want to say thank you to all of you for a lovely end to my World Tea Expo experience. I'm now off to the airport, headed for home, wishing I could be there for the 3rd and final day of Expo. I'm grateful for the 2 days very well spent!

I hope to take tea with you all again very soon!

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