Monday, May 20, 2013

A Tahitian Breeze Moment

There's a reason so many of us are drawn to tropical vacation destinations. I had nearly forgotten how intoxicating such places can be. Recently, I was able to escape to Hawaii for a couple of days with Gene, and I couldn't believe that delicious scent in the air as you're deplaning in Honolulu.

Now, every city truly does have its own signature scent. Paris is cigarettes, diesel fuel, freshly baked bread with a soupcon of doggy doo. Which has its charms, and is certainly memorable. But Hawaii is a heady mix of tropical fruits and flowers. It's a scent that soaps and candles have tried to replicate - and they can come close - but it has a magical impact on you. On me, anyway. I move more slowly, I take in the sights and sounds around me. I soak it in. And having a view like this doesn't hurt.

Unfortunately, vacations don't last forever.

So when a package arrived from Teanzo 1856 with a sample of Organic Tahitian Breeze Dessert Tea, and I opened the package to brew my first cup of tea, I was suddenly transported back to my vacation state of mind. Heavenly!

While I'm not usually one to consume much rooibos, the incredible scent combination of chocolate and coconut and a light fruity sweetness (which I discovered is apple), gave me pause. I was looking forward to having a change of taste.

I could have inhaled the aroma all day long. But I forced myself to get a grip and take that much- anticipated first sip. While the sharp rooibos flavor is there, the mix of black tea, coconut and apple round out the edges and smooth it out to a mellow friendly brew. At first, the lack of distinct chocolate and coconut flavor was surprising, but as I continued sipping, I found myself appreciating the subtlety. I also had to remind myself that I have been nearly snorting the dry tea blend for a good 5 minutes, so my head was full of that intensity.

I've never been to Tahiti, but this tea blend takes me on a tropical excursion that melts away the hustle and bustle, the "musts" and the "what-ifs" and all those rat race realities that turn our hair prematurely grey.

A vacation in a cup. That's what this boils down to (forgive the pun). And if I didn't enjoy drinking it so much, the remaining blend would be in great danger of becoming my office potpourri. Though, that would be ill-advised, as I would probably lose all productivity as I kicked back in bare feet, breathing in that seductive Tahitian Breeze.

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