Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Rare But Exquisite Lady Devotea Moment

The tea enthusiast world is a lovely place, full of warm and wonderful individuals. Over the past few years, I've become acquainted with Robert Godden, aka The Devotea, who was kind enough to share a Moment here just a week ago. In the time I've gotten to know him, I've also seen glimpses of his "other half." He has spoken lovingly of finding a cabinet that he was sure she would love. He has mentioned times where the two of them have enjoyed an outing with friends, and his enjoyment of sharing those moments together with her absolutely shines through his written words. And so, when I received confirmation that The Lady Devotea herself was willing to share a Moment here, I was more than delighted! Any insights into the lives and goings-on in such a couple of Devoteas is a welcome event. Please enjoy this beautiful Tea Moment by Lady Devotea, Anne Drury-Godden.
My Dad was a Gentleman. Not in the “titled” sense, far from it.
He was humble, a family man, and had a heart of gold.
He loved Tea, and would walk in through the door, rubbing his hands together, saying “got the kettle on, love?” We always had.
I miss his jaunty walk, his caps, the smell of his aftershave. But most of all, I miss sharing a cuppa with him.
When Rob and I developed a Russian Caravan style tea, we decided to name it after my Dad, and so, Jim’s Caravan was born, or, should I say, brewed.
Dad enjoyed that slightly smokey taste, derived from centuries of campfires and dusty caravan trails.
Sitting there at our table, having that first, sweet sip, the emotions were running high.
But somehow, I felt his approval and his pride, his smile reflected in the ripples of the tea.
Just one cuppa, so many memories.
Anne Drury-Godden AKA Lady Devotea is one half of the dynamic duo who make up Australia’s most colourful tea company. When not actually blending the tea or conducting live tastings at pop-up tea shops she's adding the style and panache and keeping an elevated pinky on the pulse of tea.