Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Mandarin Oriental Tea Lounge Moment

It's a lovely thing to have a mobile office. It allows one, for example, to travel with husband on business trip, still work a full day, but have a lunch hour (or afternoon tea) at somewhere new and exciting.

And so here I am in Las Vegas, working from a Las Vegas Hotel room, and the Mandarin Oriental Tea Lounge is within walking distance! Perfect!

After making reservations (they strongly recommend it), I was able to secure a 2 p.m. seating.

Located at the top of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in City Center, Las Vegas, I have to say, the views are rather nice.

And the interior setting is not bad either!

They had my table waiting for me, and I was very impressed with the warmth, courtesy and professionalism of the entire staff!

The menu had a nice selection of teas to choose from: black, green, oolong and herbal infusions. (I chose Goldan Assam). If you like your teas to be strong, you may want to request they steep your tea for an extra minute, as I found mine to be barely understeeped. And although they committed the cardinal sin (in my book) of providing sugar packets instead of cubes, the tea pot warmer more than made up for it!

Their food presentation was one of the most unique I've experienced so far. They've taken the 3-tiered tray to a whole new level!

While they serve what I consider to be the basics: cucumber sandwich, egg salad, ham and curried chicken, the presentation was exceptional.

And the desserts were fun too!

There are only a few afternoon tea opportunities along the Las Vegas strip, and this one is worth a visit. So, when you're done with the gambling, the heavy drinking and the clubbing, and you need to inject some civility into your Vegas vacation, I know just the place for you:

The Mandarin Oriental
Tea Lounge
Tea service: 2 to 5 p.m. daily
Phone: (888) 881 9367


  1. Golden Assam!

    A woman after my own palate.

    That place looks like a palace I want to plunder thoroughly.

    1. Plunder indeed. You grab the Monkey-Picked Oolong. I'll grab the tea warmers.

  2. I went to the Mandarin Oriental with some certified tea sommelier friends last June after WTE. I agree with you about the tea being understeeped. The ambience was great, food was good and fun presentation. I enjoyed it. I'd go back.

    1. Will you be at WTE again this year? Hope to see you there!

  3. May I say that the interior actually looks great! Love it!