Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 7: Tea Meditation Moment

The first cup of the day.

Ceylon Pettiagalla, from Whittard of Chelsea is one of my favorites, along with their Assam Hazelbank. These are single estate teas that come from individual tea gardens. How lovely, to have a single focus, to do one thing so simply and so beautifully.

I was in a business meeting yesterday interviewing some of the top performers in my industry, and as we were talking about their best practices, a surprising topic came up: talent assessment versus needs assessment. This manager focused on talent assessment and creating opportunity according to talents available rather than needs. She already knew the needs - there was nothing new about those. By matching the talent to the need, the result was higher engagement, higher productivity, and happier employees and customers.

We are not unique in our needs, as humans. Each of us needs food, shelter, clothing. Sometimes we need support for physical, emotional or spiritual challenges. Each business has the same general categories of needs or problems. What differentiates us are our gifts, our talents. Each of us brings an important piece of the puzzle to the world, and when we aren't there, or we don't say "Yes" when our gift or talent is needed, then the world is a little less whole.

People like to feel needed, they like to feel productive, and I love that this manager found a way to give her people the opportunity to to what they do best so they have the opportunity to shine and enjoy it in the process!

Today, I intend to discover a gift or talent in the people I encounter and see if there is an opportunity to let them shine. We already know the needs that exist. Is the gift or talent to meet an existing need standing right in front of me?