Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 3: A Tea Meditation Moment

Recently I went on a tour of teas from Emeyu, based in London. They mailed me the most beautiful assortment of teas!

My favorite kind of delivery!

English Breakfast Tea
Organic Assam
Crisp, clean, the tiniest bit astringent in a very good way!
Eight Butterflies Green Tea

Puer Chai
Smells amazing, like a spiced lavendar field! It does not have the gravitas I associate with puer, but it somehow balances the intensity that I associate with chai. I did not expect to enjoy this, but it was actually my favorite of the lot!

Emeyu aims to provide a total tea experience with their teas by not only providing the tea, but unique packaging, information, training, and more so that there is a real "moment" created for the one being served.

There are those in this world who do an amazing job of creating beauty. Whether through drawing, painting, scupture, crafting, scrapbooking, quilting, knitting, gardening... need I go on? The ability is undeniable, when we see it. And the lack of ability (in my case) is as equally clear.

While there have been times and groups throughout history who have argued against decoration or artistic endeavors as being wasteful, I believe we were created with an innate appreciation of and need for beauty.  What is the first thing we do when we move into a new space? No matter big or small, we typically set out to make it "homey." For some, that is hanging pictures or art on the wall. For others, it is adding touches with decorative pillows, window coverings, plant or flower arrangements. Even in college dorms, young men may create a certain aspect of their idea of beauty with a "beeramid."

Walk into a retail store or restaurant, and there is a tangible difference in the experience if the venue is created with care and infused with the owner's sense of beauty. We may feel more relaxed, more important, more comfortable, more confident in some environments, less so in others. The impact of beauty, or lack of beauty, is real. It makes a difference.

I'm not gifted or even skilled at making things or places beautiful. However, I feel it's important to try. By making my business presentation as pleasing to the eye as possible may make the reader, the client feel more comfortable and maybe even more confident in the service I'm providing.  By setting the table with pretty dishes or using colorful cloth napkins may make my family feel more important because a place has been made as pretty as possible just for them. Returning a borrowed item, wrapped carefully in a package, or returning it with a nice presentation of cookies or flowers may make that person feel more respected for providing the loaned item.

Today my intention is to make interactions as beautiful as possible in order to signify the importance of the person with whom I am interacting.  How do you make moments beautiful in the mundane transactions in life?