Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Todd & Tea Moment: Every Cup Counts

I so enjoy Todd's great energy and passion about tea, and his desire to educate the world on the amazing health benefits of tea. So, as we were discussing his guest blog here I was really quite touched by his final work. The passion is there, yes, but it's a glimpse at the quiet, inner workings of this passionate man's mind.  Enjoy Todd's inner musings and lessons learned from a whistling tea kettle!

A Todd & Tea Moment: Every Cup Counts,
Guest Blog by Todd Michael Schultz, of the blog, Todd and Tea

I love the idea of this blog. Tea moments are some of the best moments, I’ve come to find. They are balanced, and teach patience. I’ve noticed how boiling water is a great test of patience and balanced consumption.


How much water do I pour? The amount of water can make the boiling time longer, and the pot heavier, which may seem unnecessary. However, if one can learn the value in seeing a patient approach to this, one can learn to make it through other activities with patience.
I notice the definite contrast in the style of my tea blog posts and Jen’s posts. I think I have done a lot to push tea on people, and it hasn’t always been the best and most balanced approach. I could, as a matter of fact, learn a lot from that moment when I’m ready to pour the tea, and the teapot is still only halfway to the boiling point.
I’ve noticed myself leaving the kitchen and forgetting the boiling teapot, until, and thank goodness for it being there, the whistle start to blow, calling me from the piano, or the computer.
By this time I’ve usually chosen the tea, placed it into my glass mug (glass mugs make every tea moment a more sophisticated moment. They are clean, and you can see the color of the liquid in a brilliant way.
Golden Moon Sencha
I can’t say every moment is a tea moment, even when I’m drinking tea. However, I can say that tea can seal the deal on deciding which one is.