Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year Favorites Moment

In the past when the New Year arrives, I've enjoyed posting "Best of" moments from the previous year. This year, however, has started rather bleakly. Everyone in the family has been sick. Some are on round 2 of being sick. It's only January 7th. This month promises to be the most hectic on record with both the Man of the House and me travelling a total of 17 days collectively - with some of our travel overlapping.

I'm choosing not to think about it right now. Instead, I will take 15 minutes or so and live in ignorant bliss. Or at least pleasant denial. And I'll sip on one of my favorites: Kaiser from Mariages Freres. T and M picked up a new supply for me the last time they were in Paris. I've saved it for a special occasion. I feel that sanity is a special enough occasion.

Ahhhh.  Much better!