Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Tea Cup Of Life Moment

Happy Thanksgiving! There are so many things that I'm thankful for this year. So many back stories about family, work, and more. There are many of those big things, but there are also the smaller treasures. Like tea. Today, I'm especially thankful to Lu Ann of The Cup Of Life who agreed to share some of her most treasured tea moments. As I like to say, the best tea moments are those that are shared, and I love how Lu Ann has experienced this truth in some truly lovely ways. Thanks for sharing your Tea Moments with me!

1. It all started with a cute, little wooden box that contained strawberry flavoured tea bags. I was seven around that time so I can't recall many details about the exact tea, I just remember it being gorgeous and the sweet aroma filled in air. As most can imagine, it was hard to stay away after just one sip. I was happy just because my mom finally let me have a cup of tea, and it was a great way to bring her and my sister together for a calm evening. Ever since then, I realized this is a beverage that brings people together, even through the most hectic days.

2. My boyfriend and I will have be dating for three years this coming Friday, Nov. 23. It started off a bit shaky at first (I said 'no' to dating him about 10 times before I caved, lol) but saying yes was one of the greatest thing I have done for my life. It wasn't until a few months into our relationship that I came over to his dorm room and noticed his stash of tea all organized nicely on the shelf. When I called him out on it he said he got more teas the night after we first spoke. I think I remember having the biggest smile on my face and feeling like I was seven all over again. Tea, once again, brought a greater connection between me and someone else. <3 Also, it helps that he's a jazz musician and plays great tunes for tea time!

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