Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Decadent Brioche Moment

Tomorrow is Thankgiving! I remember the first time we hosted Thanksgiving at our house a little over a decade ago. I was a nervous wreck. I had never cooked a turkey before. Heck, I didn't really cook, period. We had invited new friends to join us, so of course I wanted to impress.

Everything turned out alright. The biggest snafu was the Sweet Potato Casserole I attempted to make. I had forgotten to buy marshmallows, so I sent Gene out to try and hunt some down. The only place open was the local gas station. Amazingly, they had marshmallows. However, they were green and red. The resulting dark purple/black ooze that we discovered upon taking the casserole out of the oven was less than appetizing. But our new friends ate it anyway. It's one of our annual jokes now: "Who's making the sweet potatoes?"

The same friends are joining us tomorrow, and I'm decidedly more calm. This is despite the fact that the turkey shows no signs of defrosting, and I forgot 3 key items when I went to the war zone known as the grocery store yesterday.

Today I prep. In a leisurely fashion. And I'll do it with one of my favorite decadent teas. Brioche from American Tea Room. I normally drink my teas straight. Not today! To enjoy this cozy French Bakery-In-A-Cup to its fullest, I'm adding milk...

And sugar. (Lumps, not granules. A girl has to have standards!)

I always add milk first, then the sugar. Not for any reasons tied to etiquette or proper this or that. Simply because I love watching the ribbons of cream billow up when the sugar sinks to the bottom of my cup. Ahhh...

Alright turkey. Let's get this party started.

After I finish this luxurious cup of tea.

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