Monday, September 24, 2012

A Canton Tea Club Moment

I love tea clubs. Like any subscription service, it's always lovely to have something arrive in the mail that is not a bill. And it's especially lovely when that something is fun or thought-provoking or delicious. Tea clubs are usually all three of those things. They are always a good way to be exposed to some new teas or blends that you may not have chosen yourself.

Most tea clubs, however, are fairly self-directed. A selection of teas may arrive monthly or quarterly, and many times the selection is based on some preferences you may have disclosed upon registration. There are many pros to this approach. But you also miss opportunities for those surprising discoveries.

Enter the Canton Tea Club. They've deconstructed what it is that makes clubs fun, interesting, compelling and worthwhile. They've really taken the time to know their own customers extremely well, what's important to them, and what makes them tick. And they've created a new tea club, that I believe is a game changer.

Founder, Jennifer Wood, conducts a tea tasting
As a member of their tea club, each week, a rare and interesting whole leaf tea is delivered to you with descriptive notes and brewing guides. Members can visit the Tea Club blog to find videos, interviews and feedback about each week’s tea. Click to take a sneak peek at the what the weekly content will look like. Special Guests are lined up to choose their Tea of the Week and share their thoughts about it. They will include the world's foremost tea historian, world-renowned Chefs, Food Writers, and tea-loving celebrities. I've been given a peek of who's on the list, and... W.O.W.  I can't even find the words to share my anticipation of those guests!

Canton Tea Co has even re-thought the subscription approach. Subscriptions are flexible with no minimum period so you can join for just 1 week. Alternatively, you can sign up for a specific time say a month or 12 weeks – or choose a rolling subscription which keeps delivering until you stop it. You can suspend it while on holiday, or redirect it to a friend. I love that! You could redirect it one week to a friend for his or her birthday. Or to Mom for Mother's Day!

Try it for a week. Try it for 7 weeks. Try it for all 52! Whether you simply enjoy a cup of tea from time to time or are a complete tea nerd like me, this is such a well-thought-out experience, well, all I can say is I can hardly wait for my first tea box to arrive! (And by the way, membership is limited to 100 members for the first 3 months!)

In celebration of their launch, here's your opportunity to score a Week 1 delivery of your own or even a FREE 1 year membership! By clicking on the announcement above from the Canton Tea Club, it will take you to their Facebook page where you can enter the drawing. Good luck, and enjoy!