Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Celtic Blend Moment

A Tuesday. It is the calm before the storm. Today kicks off a whirlwind of activity, both at work andd at home. I know I should be much more organized and purposeful than I am. Much more. What I need is a serious cup of tea. That, or a martini.

But, as it is 8 a.m. and the goal is to make things better, rather than make things worse, I reach for tea. A serious tea. Celtic Blend from American Tea Room. I love that it is more than just an Irish Breakfast Tea. It is reaching for the roots, the core of Irish Breakfast Tea's being. It is Celtic. And it will kick you in the teeth. In a good way.

The blend is so serious, in fact, it requires the use of a mug rather than a tea cup. A pretty mug. But a mug all the same. (By the way, a pocket text disaster sent about a dozen copies of this photo to a group of my neighbors. They must think I'm REALLY excited about this tea. Which I am. But it doesn't excuse the barrage of tea photos. Sorry, guys.)

Bold, strong tannin flavor, and yet surprisingly smooth. It is the liquid warrior version of Enya.  Liquid velvet that packs a punch. I take my morning tea black, but this blend would be extremely cozy with milk and sugar. Maybe that will be my afternoon treat. In the meantime, I feel the fog breaking up, the goals become clearer. No longer a deer in headlights, it's time to make my move. This week will not jam my gears. Look out world, here I come. And I'm bringing my mug with me.

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